One of the most common complaints we hear about pureed food is that it’s BLAND! Many people who are on pureed diets are also on heart-healthy diets that restrict sodium, which makes food taste BLAND! We are happy to tell you that there are many ways to add lots of flavor to food without adding salt.

Wake up your taste buds with the following 6 foods and seasonings to add that extra ZING:


Garlic – use in Mediterranean and Asian-inspired dishesGarlic



Ginger – cut away the outer fibrous layer before slicing or chopping







Lemon – use freshly squeezed juice and/or freshly grated zestLemon




Thyme – goes great with vegies


Oregano – use in Mediterranean-inspired recipes


Chili powder – use a mild version for a little zip, or a hotter version for big flavor


See previous posts forĀ  recipes for Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet using fresh lemon and

Herbed Vegie Gravy using dried thyme and oregano.

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