Easy Solutions for Relieving Caregiver Stress

Are you a caregiver for an elderly loved one?Maria Quici

Are you feeling overwhelmed, burned-out and exhausted?

Are you struggling to juggle caregiving along with being a spouse and raising a family?

Do you wonder how the heck you can get it all done without totally losing it?


In 2013, 15.5 million family members and friends provided 17.7 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias – no wonder they’re exhausted! And that’s not even counting those living with other illnesses like Parkinson’s disease or stroke or those recovering from surgery for broken hips, etc.

As a speech language pathologist working in the hospital setting for over 20 years, I saw time and time again that family members who brought loved ones home were not prepared for the amount of time and effort required to care for them. Nor were they able to anticipate the level of physical and emotional stress caring for a loved one would bring. Relieving stress, aches and pains and helping people sleep better comes easily to me from many years working as a massage therapist, yoga instructor and energy healer.

I decided to use my expertise in these areas, along with my skills in organization and time management, to become a guide for caregivers, teaching them self-care and stress relief, providing resources and support and helping them to create a balanced life.


I am now happy to offer the Easy Solutions for Relieving Caregiver Stress program.

How to Relieve Stress, Share the Burden and Create  a Balanced Life


As we work together you will:

  • Have the tools you need to relieve your stress and feel good again
  • Be clear about when you need some outside help, and where to go to find the best help for the least cost
  • Know the tricks to creating a schedule that gets it all done while still keeping your sanity

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I look forward to helping you create and maintain the best quality of life possible for both you and your loved one.

Until then, take care of you.




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