Emotional impact of dysphagia

06Dec 2017

Imagine you could no longer eat your favorite foods. What if you could only safely eat foods that you did not recognize, didn’t smell good, taste good or were too dry, foods that were not at all appetizing? What if you could only eat foods with a spoon, or worse yet, if you needed to […]

15Mar 2017

If you’ve been following KitchenQ for awhile, you know that one of our main goals is to promote a more dignified dining experience for those who need modified diet textures and assistance with eating. I was very happy to discover DinerWear, a company that sells elegant dining scarves. These are such a wonderful alternative to […]

20Mar 2015

The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders is a great resource for information on dysphagia, research, treatment and support.  Their mission is Advancing the Treatment of Swallowing Disorders in Our Lifetime.  Visit their website for more information.

21Jan 2015

For someone living with Parkinson’s disease, eating can be a challenge – not only chewing and swallowing, but also getting the food to the mouth due to tremors and shaking. A new high-tech spoon is now available that “senses how a hand is shaking and makes instant adjustments to stay balanced.” It was developed along […]

11Dec 2014

Awhile back I corresponded with Julia Tuchman, who is a person living with dyshpagia. She wrote an article for the NFOSD (National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders) which was posted  in June, 2013 and has agreed to have a link posted here on this website. She describes what it’s like to live with dysphagia and what […]