Maria is an excellent resource for anyone who has difficulty swallowing and/or chewing. After surgery to remove 2/3 of my tongue because of cancer, eating is a daily challenge. Maria has been very supportive and Kitchen Q has a wealth of recipe ideas…and her book as well. I hadn’t thought to change recipes in her unique fashion and what’s even better…..the food is delicious. A great feature is that Maria will take your favorite recipe and change it so that you can eat it again….what a blessing! I highly recommend that you give Maria and Kitchen Q a try…your mouth will thank you!

Joyce Williams




We were totally lost until we found Maria and http://dysphagiadietrecipes.com/. I immediately ordered her book and we have found the recipes and techniques to be invaluable. We talked with Maria and she gave us some tips and encouragement. My father has been restricted to a soft diet and finding this site and using the book and ideas has changed the way we think about meal time. Thank-you Maria for your kindness and genuine concern for people suffering with the inability to chew or swallow.

Karin Flores Testimonial



– Karen Flores, Texas


“I enjoyed your approach to helping us and your concern to make our quality of life better.  Your genuine concern came through.  I’m going to order your book as it will be helpful in so many ways as eating is so important.

Thank you for taking your time to share some things that will make a positive difference in our lives.”

– J, a woman living with Parkinson’s disease


I have encountered patients and clients who have complained about the lack of variety in their pureed diets. Caregivers have expressed frustration over the ‘same old food.’  Since becoming aware of Think Outside the Blender I have recommended this book for techniques on preparing appetizing and appealing options. Clients and caregivers have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for recommending this book to them and improving their quality of life.

Melanie Kaneshiro, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist


As a registered dietitian, I would highly recommend this book as a resource for anyone struggling with dysphagia or chewing difficulties. The recipes are easy and require few ingredients and prep-work. It’s also great to see that they are nutritionally balanced and healthy, as well as great tasting!

Kelly Greenstreet, RD